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AND You’ve Got to Know When to Fold ‘Em


I’m completely exhausted and burned out beyond belief.

I have anther blog that I want to write really bad – it’s based on a graph I found that really makes the power of exponential growth salient and clear.

It’s also kind of scary and I think I am going to title the piece: “Why We Do NOT Have 100 Years of This Lifestyle Left…” or something equally chilling.

But that sounds very intense.

It is important, to be sure, but I have found that sometimes when I am already feeling overwhelmed and out-of-control that the last thing I should do is work harder. Especially on topics that are “chilling.” Ha!

Do not get me wrong. It feels like I should. Like I will get even more behind if I do not. Our culture is very good at making me feel like a slacker if I do not “put in the time” or “give 110%.”

But I’m burning out. So against my “better judgement” I am signing off. I am out for the holidays. It will all be there when I get back, after all. I will be sightly(?) further behind but all of it will still be there. And maybe with a fresh perspective and some rest in the bank, I’ll finally finish the new version of the website, too.

Miracles really can happen this time of year.

Happy Holidays and thanks for reading!