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OK. I keep forgetting that every step in the “company building” process is good for a blog post.

This way, I can log my thinking and put possible website content into an easy-to-use format at the same time.

So, here is my “mission thinking” for the Million Monarchs home page…


So, What Is the “Big Mission” of Million Monarchs?

Well, I’m just crystallizing some of this now, but I guess is the fundamental mission of Million Monarchs will be to help shift our business and consumer culture into a form that is actively restoring the health of the planet as it operates.

That’s a huge vision. So, how could a company like Million Monarchs possibly contribute to that?

Operating With Intention and a Goal

Well, since this mission is so vast, I feel like the goal of Million Monarchs will be to operate differently in the world. I think that Million Monarchs could do this by operating around 3 basic tenants (I’m revising these in the moment from earlier in the year):



The 3 Tenants of Million Monarchs

  1. Man with Cart sittingTENANT ONE: Listen Intently to the Indigenous and Marginalized Voices Around Us
    It does not seem very likely to me that we will be able to find real, lasting solutions to our planet’s problems without the perspectives of those most affected by the issues we are facing.
    It seems to me that members of these groups and cultures might have the perspectiveSMALL-RESIZED-Indigenous-Elder-Women-Square and wisdom needed to inform the development of authentically restorative business models. Business models that eventually might address as many of the “Seven of the Deadly Peaks of Modern Civilization” as possible, all at the same time.


  1. SMALL-Monarch-on-White-FlowerTENANT TWO: Remain Committed to a Restorative Business Vision that leaves the planet better off than when we found it, both socially and environmentally.
    To do this will mean actually working to find, build and integrate business processes that move beyond sustainability and into restoration of the planet, wherever possible. And our goal will be to do this both inside of and outside of the company, extending to every possible stakeholder. That means being mindful of everyone affected by the supply chain. Plus being mindful and addressing the impact we are having on the planet itself and its non-human inhabitants.


  1. Rectangle-small-Caterpillar-MonarchTENANT THREE: Commit to Getting Started and Helping Others to Do the Same
    Tenant Two is a tall order. And let’s not kid ourselves. Those of us that are committed to this kind of vision seem to be the ones least likely to have much economic power in the current paradigm.
    With this in mind, I think getting started is the most important part of all this. I really believe that vision is critical, but it is so easy to get lost in trying to be perfect that —in the end— I don’t think anything will actually happen if we don’t begin now.
    The reality is that we will need to use imperfect business processes to start with so that we can become economically viable as a company.
    Once we get started and achieve stability, we can then do our best to get closer and closer to a restorative vision, as quickly as we can. And in the process we can work as sustainably as possible and share what we learn with others doing the same. 


But How Could This Actually Affect the “Big Mission?”

My hope is that operating a company aligned with these 3 tenants could be part of the recipe for an “exponential solution.” What is an “exponential solution?” Well, I see it as a solution that grows geometrically in the same way that our current problems are growing.

Because Million Monarchs would be actively restoring planetary health, sharing the knowledge gained by doing so, and assisting in the building and promotion of other companies with the same/similar vision (including the part where we share and assist others), then it could be a solution that feeds on itself.

Theoretically, more restorative businesses would mean more sharing and more restoration… which would lead to more businesses in existence doing the same thing: sharing and restoring… which then creates more businesses doing that… and on and on.

This concept is based loosely on the work of Paul Hawken and his contemporaries, but I feel like marrying it with a bottom up, “Let’s-actually-do-this” type approach, —a la Jonathan Fields and his book Uncertainty might accelerate the process. Otherwise we might run the risk of just sitting around waiting for “someone” to “fix everything” for us by redesigning cities, towns and landscapes.

Redesigning cities, towns and landscapes will be an important part of all this of course; but in my opinion, if humanity is going to actually make it into the next century, all of us are going to have to be involved. So while the contributions of others will be critical, we will all have a major part to play.

And who knows? Maybe this kind of “self-replicating solution” could even grow fast enough to help avert catastrophe for as much of our planet and as many of its inhabitants as possible.

We will see. And I think that you will be a big part of what that outcome looks like.

Explore and Build

OK. Big vision.

So how do I do this? Well, I guess in order to have any hope at making this actually work, I am going to need to have significant time built into my mature business model. That way, I can I can actually devote time and resources to finding, discussing and even possibly building real restorative solutions.

I will also need to have the time to promote other folks that are already doing this —or that want to.

So it sounds like these two things have to become a central part of Business Model 14 itself, or there will just never be enough time to actually work on them.

And maybe that is not quite as far-fetched as it sounds.

Since inbound marketing strategies are often built on a niche one can help to curate, working on this aspect of the company can double as a marketing expenditure, in terms of both money and time.




…OK! I feel like this is a solid start on some of the basic web copy I can use in some kind of a final form and I’ve outlined my thinking on the subject, all at the same time.

I’m really looking forward to having the time to really build out the homepage and get it into a presentable form. Hopefully I’ll have more time for this once the “winter-push” in marketing for Sunbridge starts to slow in January.

If anyone has feedback, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thanks for reading!