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That’s a great question.

What Is the Point?

Have you ever wanted to do your own thing out there? To stop working for things that just don’t matter? To feel like your work life is aligned with your real life? Instead of just a barrier to your next weekend?

Me too.

This blog is a chronicle of sorts. It’s a place where I can store day-to-day details of what I call the “Roller Coaster of Social Entrepreneurship.”

What Is the “Roller Coaster?”

To me, starting up your own thing —whatever it is— feels like a roller coaster.

Sometimes it is amazing. And sometimes it sucks. It is nearly always uncertain and at least half the time I feel like all I do is troubleshoot something that I thought might work.

It’s a common analogy, I guess. But it gets me through. It even graces the cover of one of my favorite books, Uncertainty, by Jonathan Fields.

So, Why Talk About It?

Well, it creates a record of the process for one thing. I get the chance to look back through what I did and what happened so that I can better help other people going through similar experiences in the future. After all, I want to help other people create and market business that heal the planet. Fast.

While we still have time.

This blog gives me the insight into the day-to-day details of what I’m facing in the moment as I try to merge my work and values, because I’m learning that my memory of it all fades with time.

This blog a place to store the things I think I might need later. Like books and authors. Short cuts and tips. Things that I can use to help clients in the future.

Plus, it’s a place to talk about what the values of restorative business actually look like. It’s a place to explore solutions to what the world is facing and the ideas that might fuel them.

And that speaks to some people! This does not speak to everyone, of course. But that’s OK.

So, What Is the Barrier Now?

I thought I’d never ask.

So, I decided to save myself time in the future by moving into a video-blog format. Which was great! It was fun to tap into my old performance-based past and do a blog instead of write one. Something quick and easy. And guess what I’m doing now?

Troubleshooting, of course.

Ha! Once again, too much to do in too little time leads to a small barrier —but one that I just don’t seem to have the time to tackle. So, what is the real barrier here?

Managing time.

Or better yet, as Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz define it in their classic book The Power of Full Engagement, my problem is managing energy, not time. There is time, but the energy isn’t there, apparently.

What Is the Solution?

Well, I’m reading the book now, so I’ll let you know if I figure it out. Ha!

One thing I do know though is that nothing happens at all if I don’t do something, think big and fail forward, at least.

So I am. I’m chronicling my experiences on the roller coaster of social-startups, warts and all.

Some day I’ll thank me, I guess. At least if Ralph Health’s book on Celebrating Failure is accurate.

Thanks for reading!